Enrollment Process

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Astra Day School provides a maximum 5 to 1 student to teacher ratio in the general preschool and pre-K environment, only highly educated and trained staff, and provides all of this in a spacious, vibrant and lively environment. Despite the cost to us in serving children, all of this is available at the cost of a typical preschool because of our unique funding infrastructure, fundraising, and other funding sources.

Astra Day School is always looking for interested parents of children aged no older than 3.5 years to begin the enrollment process. We do not have calendar years or enrollment deadlines, and we do not pressure parents once they have made contact. Where your child goes to school for the first years of his or her life is one of the most important decisions you can make; we don’t think it should be made under pressure. We do not require children to have particular repertoires, nor do we have exclusionary criteria like a child toileting independently by a particular age. We accept children as they are, and we trust our abilities to teach to the individual we are trusted to serve.

Our enrollment procedure follows four steps after an initial phone conversation with an administrative preschool specialist:

  1. First you must fill out an Astra Day School Interest Form that tells us a little about your child and a lot about your priorities and values. Please do not print it out; just fill out the pdf and email it to interest@astradayschool.org.
  2. Next, we invite you to a 45-minute to one-hour tour with one of our senior staff to learn about why and how our learning environment is so unique.
  3. If we all agree that your family and Astra Day School might be a mutual match, we will ask you to bring your child for a short parent and child interview where you and your child will separately meet with some of our teachers and other students. Following this visit, if we are still a mutual match, you will be given enrollment paperwork and we will discus a start date.
  4. Once we have all of the appropriate paperwork and your enrollment deposit, we are all set! If the date of the commitment is longer than six months to the start date, we would like for there to be a pre-visit in order to orient your child to the environment close to the start date.

If you would like to download our interest form, please click here. Email it to interest@astradayschool.org.